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Depeche Mode and the BONG mailing list
Enjoy the Silence
"remember, no matter where you go, there you are."
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For information on Brian's racing, check Brian and Redline Pro Racing. Brian races a 125 GP motorcycle with CCS, USGPRU and WSMC...and there are Brian's doggie friends.
DM License Plates and Autos Last Updated: Monday, 24-Jan-2000 23:52:16 EST
Some of the list members have DM related cars and license plates. We can keep track of them here. This was just my license plate (I think I got it back in 1994) for my 1966 Ford Mustang 289/4 speed (fast and loud!). Please send me more! I really want several POV photos of Arta's car (wish I would have taken some while I still lived in LA). Added 07 Nov 1996

Remember the drink list? Steve K. has been keeping it alive. Here it is as of 18 Sept 2013: Depeche Mode Drink Recipes Thu Sep 26 22:56:11 PDT 2013
See the following link to join BONG [The Depeche Mode Mailing List, which has been around for at least 15 years as of Dec 2008. It's been here since Feb 1994.], or manage your subscription: BONG/Depeche Mode List.

I've gotta figure out what happened with the archives, so...we shall see. (8 May 2008)

MODEified now has a home here:

Friends of mine and BONG:
Logo kindly provided by Janean Lancaster   For over 6 years, the "UK Moders" mailing list has been the meeting point for DM fans from around the UK. It was set up in response to the absence of a UK-centric list. It's not a xenophobic list and non-UK fans are welcome to join in, on the understanding that most people on the list are in the UK and thus the conversation will be UK-centric. To join the list via email, click here and send the resultant email (no need to type anything else).

So who is DMUK? You are! The web/list owner is Woj.

WayBack LogoJust for kicks, take a look in the Wayback Machine.
Looking for WSMC? Visit the Willow Springs Motorcycle Club. That's an archive of Kenny Kopecky's WSMC web site, from the point where he left management of the club.

Blasts From Our Pasts

pic from Rithy's 1994
Looks like Deanna, Brian, Shiloh, a nose, Nicia, Errol, Mike?, Omid!!!
This was at a party on the UCI Campus, at Rithy's 1994.
Wow, that was 20 years ago!

Darn Rules
(can you believe what the net is coming to?)

Perfect rule:

Didn't EVER need rules until 1997! Gee, the list has been fine for YEARS. The BIGGEST problems: 1. Religion, 2. people NOT reading the FAQ. So, now we have rules (they've been growing since about April 1997):
SOME RULES (violations could get you removed/banned from the list):

   1. Do not start "polls" asking people for their favorite song.
   2. Do not respond to  "polls" asking people for their favorite song.
   3. Do not write "test" messages to the list.
   4. Do not send files to the list.
   5. In Netscape Mail, Microsoft Mail and the like, turn off the thing
      for including fonts and formatting, and the inclusion of styles.
   6. Please don't talk about illegal software or registration codes
      like for MP3 stuff.
   7. If you ever have questions about the list being down, DO NOT
      mail the list asking about it.  That DOESN'T MAKE SENSE now
      does it?  Check the web site.
   8. DO NOT SEND: mime or multi-part messages or messages including
      a PGP signature.
   9. If you are going to include a signature, keep it 4 lines or less.
  10. If using MS Mail or Netscape, TURN OFF HTML inclusion in your
  11. Do NOT start or participate in public religious discussions!
      This always ends up pissing everybody off, and EVERYBODY
      loses!  You have your religion, others have theirs (or none).
      Leave it at that!!  This is NOT a religious forum!  The purpose
      of this is to not have "insulting" conversations and "religion
      bashing".  Religiom/Spirituality related to the music is fine,
      just don't let it turn into the above.
  12. When replying and quoting a message on the list, try to 
      attribute it properly, and REMOVE un-needed data.  Trim it 
      down!  A one line reply to a 40 line message (wasteful) 
      could be hazardous to your health.
  13. Do _NOT_ quote the "footer" of messages when replying.  The 
      Internet is busy enough and does not need to have more useless
      data on it, plus, your message will get a new one.
  14. No virus reports should be posted to the list.
  15. DO _NOT_ send messages to the list asking if it is DOWN...
      If it were down, what use would that make?  Think about it.
      Go to the website and look there, if it's down, there would 
      likely be a message there stating such, OR, if there were a 
      larger problem, you wouldn't get there, either.

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